Dangers of EMF, 5G, and Other Waves (And How to Protect Yourself From Them)

Posted by Hunter Wilson on

5G Technology and Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation are greatly becoming a major concern today. It is indisputable that the artificial environment humans have created impacts all of us in no small measures. Technologies continue to emerge - from radio waves, wired networks, wireless connections, 3G, 4G, and now 5G technologies. These technologies, of course, have greatly turned the world into a small place and generally improved life

However, as much as EMF and 5G waves have their advantages, their negative effects cannot be neglected as well. For instance, 5G (5th Generation technology) is a wireless system trend that makes use of higher speeds, larger channels, and syncs several devices in various locations. The 5G technology remains unregulated in many countries despite its perceived dangers.

5G utilizes millimeter wave technology. These millimeter waves exist on an extremely high frequency and are considered millimeter waves because the wavelengths range between 1 and 10 mm. It uses a broader spectrum of frequencies up to 60,000 MHz (MegaHertZ) or one million cycles per second. MHz is used to measure the transmission speed of electronic devices, including channels, buses and the computer's internal clock. That means there is 60,000 multiplied by 1 million waves hitting you every second! 

Public safety governing bodies have ruled out the possible imminent danger of 5G to public health and safety. However, there are palpable indications pointing to the adverse effects of 5G on the human body. 5G operates on extremely large wavelengths with extremely small frequencies. 5G signals are easily lost when behind a tall tree or building. These occurrences will be forestalled by planting base stations and cell towers at shorter distances, meaning more waves bouncing around your body. 

The cellular phone emits radiation that is associated with an increased danger of malignant brain tumors. Radiation also causes depression, skin infection, hair loss, and nausea when found in larger doses. Based on research by physicians, electromagnetic fields generated from electrical devices can cause different negative symptoms in patients such as:

  • Genetic damage to DNA and RNA
  • Kidney abrasions
  • Reproductive defects and sterilization
  • Cancer tied to carcinogens
  • Neurological degeneration of the brain
  • Nervous system dysfunction
  • Weakened immune system

and more have also been reported.

But these can be limited by placing EMF and Wave Inhibitors around your house. These, among other variants of Wave Inhibitors and EMF and 5G protection equipment, are able to absorb and redirect waves away from you and into the Inhibitor itself. 

Be sure to stay aware and stay safe from the negative waves around you!