Chinese Chiming Harmony Balls (Baoding)

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Align your Chakras to better balance the flow of energy within you and around you. These Baoding Balls help keep the raw energy from the earth as intended. 

Size: 1 and 5/8 inches wide.

With Meditation these help you:

1. Balance Your Chakras

2. Find Inner Peace

3. Calm Anxiety

4. Clear Your Mind

Use these to protect yourself from unwanted energies such as EMF or 5G, enhance your meditation, unblock or balance chakras, keep positive energy flowing through you, and boost your mood and self-confidence. 


Harmony balls are usually used for exercise and meditation, but are also good when employed for medical reasons. To use them for exercise, place two Harmony balls within your palm then rotate them clockwise and counterclockwise. Gravity will help you keep on controlling the balls.

There are many exercises possible. One is trying to not to let the balls touch one another during manipulation, as advanced users do. Such users of Baoding balls can frequently use more than two balls at one time. Manipulating the balls in your hand not only exercises hand muscles, but forearm and shoulder muscles as well.

Alternative Medicine advocates believe that the balls are beneficial for medical reasons when they touch pressure points or acupuncture points found all over the hand. A practitioner of western medicine would find it hard to believe that such balls have health benefits, but it helps to realize that practitioners of Chinese medicine believe that all bodily systems are linked to one another. Chinese medicine advocates believe one should not just treat symptoms but rather should examine the root cause of the symptoms. In connection, Harmony balls could be prescribed by a Chinese doctor with a patient whose internal energy or Qi has stagnated and thus, caused the problems for the patient. Disorders such as hypertension, arthritis of the fingers and wrists, as well as numbness and trembling of the hands can be prevented and improved through the use of chinese health balls.